In February 2017 the author of The Layman’s Petition (Copyright 2002) contacted a lawyer who had publically indicated a concern with the shifting political environment in both the USA and Canada. In their brief discussion, the lawyer recommended two titles of pertinent interest: EMPIRE OF ILLUSION— THE END OF LITERACY AND THE TRIUMPH OF SPECTACLE by Chris Hedges and THE BETTER ANGELS OF OUR NATURE—WHY VIOLENCE HAS DECLINED by Steven Pinker. Inspired by these two diverse books and a lifelong interest in social/political issues, the author of The Layman’s Petition wrote to the lawyer providing context in relation to his own earlier work:

“...Given the US President’s 2017 electoral success, a lot of people are asking ‘does this help or does this hurt me’? People are expressing surprise at the election’s outcome and are examining their thinking with regard to how consciously society is—or is not governing itself...”

“...In Article 18 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, “thought” (the irrefutable fact of it) is the primary hence first to be stated issue; followed by its subsidiary issues of: “conscience,” “religion” and “belief”—followed in turn by their subsidiary issues of what amount essentially to individual self- expression...”

“...To proceed with timely, unprecedented and globally legitimate prosecutions, an injunctive functional benchmark in human behavior had to set—Article 18—with the delicate, respectful and universally validating language concerning ‘thought itself’ to be realized later through Article 19. It was toward this end that The Layman’s Petition was written.”

(The Layman’s Petition/Preface 2017 US Federal Election.)

(The Layman’s Petition ©Copyright 2002, 2007, 2010 is a high school dropout’s deeply personal memoir with a strong social/philosophical element.)

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Petition Preface/ 2017 US FEDERAL ELECTION
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